October 24, 2014, 4:30 am
wind speed: 7 mph WSW
wind gusts: 7 mph
sunrise: 8:00 am
sunset: 7:04 pm


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  1. Gilroy Cardenas says:

    I just wanted some information on your map, where I can camp out in. I see the different fees are in different areas, such as Section A or B or S. just was wondering where these areas are located in the park, if they are near the water. It will just be me and my wife, with a tent.

    Also we are wondering what your fees ad for like a small cabin, for two adults, overnight, since we would just be spending one night. If we decide to do that instead of the tent, we can have more options.

  2. Gregory says:


    I am planning a Birthday Party on the 22nd of June and I am looking for a gazebo near the water. Do you have any suggestions of location in the park and is there a way to reserve the area? I will be coming out tomorrow morning to look at the area.

    • jmoritz says:

      Hello Greg,
      You can call our office at 806-747-3353 and we can help you with renting a Park Shelter.

  3. denise says:

    Are dogs allowed on the grounds? Can you mountain bike ?



    do you rent tent sites by the month and if you do how much are they. Thank you,


    • jmoritz says:

      No we don’t rent tent sites by the month. The fee is $15 per night per tent and includes the admission of the first two people.

  5. Colby Fisher says:

    Do yall have a Dirt Bike/ ATV trail?

  6. Spanky Partain says:

    Are guests charged if visiting an RV with two people registered and paid?

  7. eric smith says:

    when was the lake last stocked with fish?

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