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2024 Season is in full swing!


Buffalo Springs Lake invites you to our annual fireworks show on July 6, 2024, Lubbock’s most anticipated summer event. Renowned as the largest and longest fireworks display in the area, this year’s celebration promises an additional auditory delight. Set against the backdrop of our canyon, the natural acoustics amplify the crackle and boom of the fireworks, creating a mesmerizing echo that dances through the landscape. This unique sonic experience, coupled with the dazzling reflections on the lake’s surface, offers an unparalleled evening of visual and auditory spectacle. Gather your loved ones and join us at Buffalo Springs Lake for an unforgettable night where nature’s grandeur meets the thrill of the city’s most magnificent fireworks show. Don’t forget about our wristband pre-sale. If you’re a Lubbock County resident we are giving back to you. As a resident, you can buy a wristband in advance and skip the lines with immediate entrance to the lake! That sale starts June 24!