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Buffalo Springs Lake


Take a break just 5 miles east of Lubbock and make a great catch on the relaxing water at Buffalo Springs lake.

There are several piers to take the kids fishing, and the Crappie House, a lighted fishing house, as well as fishing along the shoreline.

Predominant Fish Species
Lake Characteristics

Location: 5 miles east of Lubbock
North Fork of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River
Surface area: 241
Maximum depth: 52 ft., mean depth 15 ft.
Impounded: 1960

Water Conditions

Fluctuation: Mild, less than 1 foot
Normal Clarity: Stained, 1-2 feet visibility

Fishing Rules

1. Buffalo Springs Lake is stocked by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

2. Anyone 17 years or older must have a valid fishing license. Prices on Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

3. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Lakeside Grocery (phone: 806-749-0660), which is right outside the lake, or from any sports goods store.

4. Fishing allowed in all open areas of shoreline on the lake, with the exception of the bridge (located next to the marina).

5. Species of fish caught at the lake: crappie, bass, striper, catfish, and carp

6. No glass containers allowed at any time on Buffalo Springs Lake property.


Buffalos Springs Lake recent catches