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Buffalo Springs Lake


The off-roading trails at Buffalo Springs Lake with a variety of terrain where all types of off-roading vehicles are welcome.

Buffalo Springs Lake’s trails have around 13 miles of off-roading terrain which ranges from hard-packed and chunky trails to smooth and fast trails with light to moderate changes in elevation.

The trails are perfect for the whole family, ages 6 and up are allowed to ride motorized vehicles.

Trail Map
Dirt Bike and ATV Rules

1. ATV riding hours – sunup to sundown. No night riding. Call to confirm that trails are open.

2. Complete the required ATV training course.

3. Pay attention to where you are riding.

4. Children 6 and older may use under 70cc engines, 12+ may use 70-90cc engines, and 16+ may use engines over 90cc.

5. ATV operators under the age of 14 must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

6. An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is defined as a vehicle propelled with three or four tires in contact with the ground, designed for off-highway use by operator only (no passengers), and not designated for farming or lawn care. 

7. Comply with all Texas ATV laws. Texas Parks and Wildlife now require an OHV sticker which can be purchased before coming to the lake.

8. ATV users must stay above the cliffs and east of Campground “A” or at the trails on the Northwest end of the dam.

9. ATV vehicles are not allowed on bridges, bar ditches, thoroughfares, shoulders of roads, public highways, or the grassy areas surrounding highways.

10. When taking your ATV across a public street, road, or highway that is not an interstate or limited access highway, you must stop the ATV completely, yield the right of way, cross with the headlight and the taillight on, and go quickly and safely at a 90 degree angle.

11. Wear safety gear. A properly fastened helmet and eye protection are required year round. Whether you are riding for pleasure, camping, playing in the sand dunes, or riding in the forest, you must wear safety gear at all times.

12. No glass containers allowed at any time on Buffalo Springs Lake property.